January 9, 2019

In winter practice

Every year I use this cream for winter training. It will generate heat in response to muscle movement. So it's perfect for roll practice in winter. Probably, it may be difficult to obtain this in Japan. How about in your country? I asked my friend in Hungary to buy this from his country. Anyway, something innovative is necessary to enrich the practice in winter. Please let me know your idea about it,

January 8, 2019


Hi guys,
2019 will be one of the turning points for STORM ON. I intend to enhance roll classes abroad, and at the same time I will do similar support in Japan. I will also concentrate on creating animation and will make it a powerful support tool. If you have some requests about it, please contact me at anytime. I'll welcome you always.
And I will increase the lineup of stickers. Last year's them were generally well received. And T-shirts and patches are planning now. (^^)

December 23, 2018

New Gear

Finally Santa Claus came to me! There is the latest work of GEARLAB right in front of me now. This has not been released to the world yet. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Chungshih Sun. Of course, I actually have to use this and return that feedback. Let's go to the sea! brrrrr...hahaha!

November 25, 2018


For now, I have uploaded some renewal file for the website. I will check the behavior of each file for a while. Their layout varies depending on the resolution. How is your display? If you have some troubles, please let me know about it.

And, Stormtroopers are still being recruited. I expect your enlistment. Please give me your storm roll video. Then you can get the original sticker.


November 18, 2018

A new design

I'm preparing a new design website of STORM ON. I also make a website of "QajaqJPN", so the design will be similar. As a workaround, I will renew the design. I am going to write most of the articles in English. Because, QajaqJPN will do the information dissemination to Japan. My targets are countries where Greenland style has not yet penetrated or friends who wants information about it. Anyway, it should be useful for some reason. Thanks!

October 24, 2018

New Sticker

A new sticker design will be up. I will use this for my activities next fiscal year. This is reinforced water resistance. Yes, just so you know, it's good for gears! (^^) Anyway, I'll inform you when it's finished on Facebook.

September 6, 2018


He has already breathed "life" though slightly. So I have to make some expressions to his face as the next step. Anyway, he is ready for action!