March 10, 2019

New items

I prepared new items. They are "Qaanaaq Transam-ss" and "Qaanaaq Mosquito". I will use them for my roll classes. So you can do roll practicing with them whenever you come to my place, Futtsu Japan. (^^)/


March 1, 2019

What is the best setting?

I am making roll animations for presentation at SSTIKS. The current problem is the best setting in lighting and rendering. No matter how good the animation is, if the result of rendering is dirty, it spoils everything. Parameters of bargaining will interfere with my decision.


February 6, 2019

Making a SEA

In my new animation requires the "environment". They will be at least "sky" and "sea". Blender has several physical simulations. I have established the "environment" with these. The parameters of wave generation and object resistance are complex. Beyond that, control of 'looks' is an important issue for me. It depends on shaders, materials, textures. I will still need to spend a lot of time working on combining them on the node editor.


January 23, 2019

New Gears from Canada

I got new gears from Joe O'blenis. I am honored to be able to use his paddles. He is an excellent paddle maker and also an excellent kayaker. The same as Chungshih Sun who gave me a carbon paddle the other day. He is also an excellent kayaker and an excellent manager. I believe gears made by guys rich in kayak practical experience. Yes, they are just right for Stormtroopers. Why do you use products from makers poor in kayaking experience? Is there reliability?

January 9, 2019

In winter practice

Every year I use this cream for winter training. It will generate heat in response to muscle movement. So it's perfect for roll practice in winter. Probably, it may be difficult to obtain this in Japan. How about in your country? I asked my friend in Hungary to buy this from his country. Anyway, something innovative is necessary to enrich the practice in winter. Please let me know your idea about it,

January 8, 2019


Hi guys,
2019 will be one of the turning points for STORM ON. I intend to enhance roll classes abroad, and at the same time I will do similar support in Japan. I will also concentrate on creating animation and will make it a powerful support tool. If you have some requests about it, please contact me at anytime. I'll welcome you always.
And I will increase the lineup of stickers. Last year's them were generally well received. And T-shirts and patches are planning now. (^^)

December 23, 2018

New Gear

Finally Santa Claus came to me! There is the latest work of GEARLAB right in front of me now. This has not been released to the world yet. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Chungshih Sun. Of course, I actually have to use this and return that feedback. Let's go to the sea! brrrrr...hahaha!