June 11, 2018


Oh no! What should I do?"Blender Internal Render" will be deleted in the next version of BlenderI have to change the renderer of "STORM ROLL 2018" which is currently under construction to "Cycles". It's not impossible, but it takes a lot of trouble. Hmm....
OK, there is no way. I'll change some of settings for rendering way tomorrow immediately. (TOT)

June 10, 2018


I live in Chiba prefecture in Japan. It's close from Narita Airport, takes only an hour and half by car. Please check by Google Map "Futtsu cape". So If you have a chance to get Japan someday, I would like to practice with you! Let me know your schedule when it's decided. I'll welcome you always!
Thanks! (^^)/

June 7, 2018


Today, I changed jobs. I am a dentist.
In the mouth we have a structure that is more complicated than we imagined. That means, inside the flexible cheeks, a slightly flexible upper jaw, a tongue like soft body creatures, and rigid teeth living there. I feel a grudge against the Creator. My God, what an imperfect thing you made. hahaha!
My modeling work is still continuing. (^^)/

June 3, 2018


I improved the processing speed and reduced the number of polygons of the character. This was not the result of using the "Reduction function", but myself selected an extra polygon, deleted it, and remodeled it. The edges of the back of the head should be an extension of the lines from the face. Considering the creation of facial expressions, the polygon configuration of the face is preferably a line along the arrangement of the muscles.

January 19, 2018

Got back with my ex.

Hi there,
Long time no see! How have you been?
Did you check "STORM ON" lately? I changed the design to the old type. You have to see it NOW!

In recent years, I went to various countries. Every one of them is a precious experience for me and they gave me many friends. I very much appreciate for your cooperation.
Now, I became the President of QajaqJPN again. So I'll do action for spread the Qajaq. For this purpose, I would like to be connected "STORM ON" and "QajaqJPN". "STORM ON" mainly transmits information to overseas friends, "Qajaq JPN" will function to expand information to domestic members. Anyway, I want to keep connecting every Greenland style friends. Thanks!