March 31, 2013

Her tongue is the best!

The structure relevant to her mouth is completion now. I should not be concerned with her tongue any more. It may influence "family peace." ;-p


March 28, 2013

Change my occupation.

After all, I did her hairstyle like the upper picture. I will not be afflicted by this at complicated animation of her hair.


So I’ll change my employment from a "beautician" to a "dentist." Since a tooth differs in form, respectively, modeling work is serious. Although it is effective to make only "visible teeth" from outside, she is going to open and laugh at an her mouth wide open.


In fact, the structure of the point of contact of a lip and a tooth is complicated. A fixed distance that a lip does not sink into a tooth needs to be kept.
I will be deprived of my mind by her lip during work. Hahaha!


March 24, 2013

Textures for her hair

I was going to use hair shader for the her "hairstyle." 
However, it requires very much the time which a rendering takes. Considering the future work, it is not realistic well.Therefore, I gave up use of hair shader and changed into the method of sticking a texture on a polygon. 
Although it is very classic, it is good in working efficiency. 


In accordance with a hairstyle, some polygons are prepared first. 


Four kinds of textures are used roughly. They influence a setup of "base color", a "bump", "transparency", and "speculer." 


Textures are stuck on polygons and tuned finely. It is not so realistic compared with hair shader. However, computation time is shortened considerably. 
The upper picture is processing of the "top" and "bun." I have to process both sides and the nape further. 


March 20, 2013

A girl's hair is her life

Her appearance was completed almost.
I will start the "hairstyle" of the most interesting part from now on. Yes, it's the climax! There is the idiom "A girl's hair is her life" in Japan. Once upon a time, this is because the Japanese woman needed to extend long hair in order to tie a "Nihongami (Japanese coiffure)". Therefore, I will make her hair hard. With this being said, actually I worry about the design of her hairstyle. ummmm...;-(
Do you have any pointers for her life?

いま見えている髪(生え際)はテクスチャに描いて処理したものなので実体は無い。さてさて、どんな髪型にするかな? 悩む悩む。

March 18, 2013


She who is my new character needed shoes. Yes, it's for "fashion."
I made shoes for her with big pleasure!


Her shoes fit her bare feet. I have arranged the polygons so that the form of her foot may be in sight. 


I made the detail moderately. Incidentally, these shoes referred to the Kokatat's. 


Some conspicuous lines are made from polygons. 


When rough form is completed, a texture will be drawn and it will stick on this model.


It is checked by a partial rendering.


A "speculer map" and a "bamp map" are further drawn, in addition the appearance of the model is adjusted. Then she got shoes!


March 12, 2013


I keenly realize the difficulty of a "female character." Even if it assumes a simple design, in order to give the aura unique to a woman, "fine structure" is required for it. If nails are rough form like a male (or me!), they make her atmosphere spoilt. I checked those form carefully and "reflected" some in them. 


Eyelashes were controlled by the program called "Shader." It can solve problems, such as "length", "curl", a "color", and "quantity", with a parameter. 
ummmm....Her goal is still far. 


March 7, 2013

To the next

STORM ON will celebrate the first anniversary of a release next month. I’m making a new character for STORM ON for the second year. It’s the shift to "the Asian woman" from "the middle-aged tough guy." Although I have worked as a CG designer for a long time, in fact, I’m making the "woman" for the first time.
Well, I have to make her so that "my type" may not be disclosed to you. It's very difficult and cruel for me!
SUPER GUTS is publicized. This is a very precious chance. Let's join us!  

来年度のSTORM ONに向けて新キャラを作っています。

SUPER GUTS 広報宣伝中です!