July 28, 2012

Tuilik like a sauna.

It has been the intense heat called "MOUSHO" in summer in Japan in the past several years. It gets hot certainly today also. The practice in such temperature is very painful. Supposing I wear Tuilik, will get heatstroke instantly. However, since feeling of Tuilik is not lost, I would like to practice using it as much as possible. Therefore, I have chosen early morning at practice time. If it practices intensively, it can expect an effect even for a short time. It is my involvement.


July 11, 2012

Comments Box

I added "Comments Box" to the website as a test. It's being interlocked with Facebook. You could arrive at the page from "Updated" of "TOP. " It's located in the bottom of the page of "Kick or Hip Snap". If you have some questions about the contents of the article, please input into the Comments Box. I'll install "Comments Box" in the report of all futures, if this is convenient for my friends. 

Facebookに連動したコメント欄を試験的に追加してみました。まずはRolling→Practiceの最新記事である「Kick or Hip Snap」で運用開始。今までは記事内容に関することやテクニカルな質問をメールでいただいていたのですが、質問内容を共有できれば他の方も重宝するんじゃないかと思います。ま、逆に「みんなに見られるんじゃ質問しにくいなぁ。」と言う方は今まで通りメールでどうぞ。上手く回るようなら、今後は各記事にコメント欄を付随させていきます。ではでは~。

July 9, 2012

Thanks a lot!

I obtained the congratulation message of the birthday from many friends on July 5. Thank you very much! This is one year of my 40's last. Therefore, I will step up efforts for time reluctantly. Since my body has aged certainly, I must be cautious also of health. It is required in order that I may enjoy a roll forever. 
By the way, I think that I will take an official trip to your place for a roll lecture. Please order to me. I'll welcome it. Let's increase "Stormtrooper" all over the world! Thanks again!


July 3, 2012

The 2nd edition

Hi guys,
I prepared the 2nd edition. Please give me your STORM VIDEO more! 
I really appreciate your cooperation. Thanks a lot!