April 18, 2013

Another version

I created the version which is not covered with a hood. I corrected her expression a little.
Actually, I am in trouble very much now. It is about her kayak. Which kayak should I give her? Those choices are "Qaanaaq Transam-SS", "Qaanaaq Mosquito", and pure SOF. I would like to consider this difficult problem carefully. However, it is already in mid-April now. Ummmmm…


それにしても困った。彼女のためにQaanaaq Transam-SSを作ろうと思ったが、やはり女性にはちょい大きいかもしれない。うーむ…Mosquitoか。分割タイプもリリース間近かだし。いっそのことスキンカヤックにするという選択肢もあり。しばらく悩みたいところだが、すでに4月半ば(汗)。

April 17, 2013

Complete the first stage of the renewal.

I completed "Tuilik Version.” ummm....Shoulder straps are unexpectedly troublesome. It sinks into Tuilik in conjunction with some motions. Shouldn't it be made as another part?
Practice is insufficient for me still more.


April 14, 2013


I am making her Tuilik. The form is completed mostly. Then, adjustment of textures is required. I will not use "Syflex" which is physics simulation for her. Although it reproduces a realistic motion, it requires computation time longer than usual.
ummm...Does she dislike the hood? 


April 3, 2013


I gave her some expression. It's the moment a life dwells in her. There is 1 set of joint in man's face. It's a jaw. In short, "expression" is made from the combination of the muscles of the face and a jaw joint. By parameterizing elasticity of each muscles, expression is controllable as a "numerical value." Probably, she will already be able to communicates any feeling to you by expressions.


April 2, 2013

Skinning was completed.

The renewal of my website in April is likely to be very overdue. It is a mere excuse although I was busy with preparation of "SUPER GUTS."

She changed into the state where each joint can be moved. Then, I will give her some expression.
Oops, I had not decided her name yet.

4月のリニューアルに大きく遅れてしまった。ちょうどSUPER GUTSがかぶってしまったせいもあるが、言い訳はするまい(TOT)