June 19, 2013

She got her SOF at last!

Although it was still in the state of a framework, she got her SOF. She will appear in the website renewed as a lecturer of a storm roll soon. Don’t miss it please! ;-)
Oops, Should I do skinning?


June 12, 2013

I'm working now!

Hi there,
It’s been ages, hasn’t it?
I was very busy with preparation and execution of "SUPER GUTS." The event was a huge success, thanks to you!
And now, I am doing the renewal work of STORM ON’s website. It has contents substantial rather than before, and will surely delight you. Today's my work is texturing to SOF. It gives the wooden life to inorganic polygons.
Please wait for a while for releasing the renewal website. Thanks!

しかし、しかし、決してサボっていたわけではなく、コツコツとリニューアルを進めております。今日の作業はSOFへのテクスチャリング。数種の樹のテクスチャを用意して、各パーツに貼っていきます。モデリングのために組み上げたポリゴンを、この作業では逆に展開します。つまり、複雑なポリゴンで「形状」を作ってしまうとテクスチャリングで苦労するわけです。Simple is the bestとはこのことです。