February 6, 2013


I work in a game company and was making "fog" as a designer ten years ago. Fog was indispensable to the stage of the game which my post was making then. Yes, it’s for horror production. I was devoted to physics simulation every day. It’s the Brownian motion of particles. My soul was governed by fog from the morning to the evening.
Thanks to the experience, I can visualize parameters automatically, if fog is seen in the real world. But it’s just nonsense. And it does not stand for nothing.
Just so you know, some CG images are arranged easily at STORM ON. Although they do not have a deep meaning, I am making them for atmosphere.
I looked at the very beautiful night sky last evening. There, the countless star was appearing. Then, I thought "my following works may be a night sky and a bonfire."
Wait…..A bornfire? 
A bonfire also consists of particles and is governed by Brownian motion. Should I offer my soul to physics simulation again? No way!!! ;-(
By such circumstances, I was re-employed in the "mist maker." Somebody, please release me from particles!


STORM ONにはご存知の通り、ところどころに無造作にCGが置かれています。特に意味はないのですが、なんとなく雰囲気作りにいいかなぁという思いつきレベルでこさえています。

February 3, 2013


This is the stern piece of a folding kayak. The silhouette is just the Greenland kayak. Nikola living in Serbia made this as a prototype. He is advancing preparation which promotes a kayak manufacturer in his country. The name is "NARVAL KAYAK." "NARVAL KAYAK" means a unicorn whale (Narwhal) in Serbian. I will  deal with his kayak in "STORM ON" and will inform the details and cost later. Don't miss it!

帰国後、メーカーを立ち上げる準備をしているそうです。屋号は「NARVAL KAYAK」。NARVALはセルビア語でイッカククジラを意味します。
STORM ONではこのフォールディングGを取り扱う予定です。スペックや価格については追ってご案内しますので、お楽しみに。