September 16, 2012

spend time and effort

For the article of "MedicineBall", I newly did the modeling of the ball. Although a ball is simple form, since it consists of only curved surfaces, creation is difficult. However, if I ask there for compromise, the thing which I would like to tell will not get across to you. So I do not regret "time and effort." 


September 8, 2012

Business card

Since I'm very much regret the recent fiasco, I have prepared business cards in this way. Mr. RARIPON, thank you very much. From now on, I will enclose this, when mailing a sticker.


September 2, 2012


Do you understand this?
Kayak! Yes, This is a kayak. But....This was SOF from the first. My friend converted SOF into the hybrid kayak by FRP and woods. What a amazing works! I can't say anymore!!!! Of course, this kayak has a frame of SOF in the inside.
You can check details about it here.