October 13, 2012


"Nasaq" which is a new product of Northern Light Paddlesports is well received. I like this idea a lot of respect. Although I have not seen the actual thing yet, it will surely be obtained in the near future. 
Paul who is the President of Northern Light Paddlesports will visit Japan on the 21st. I hand "a certain thing" to him then. What's that? hehehe...;-) It's a top secret still now.

Northern Light Paddlesportsの新製品「Nasaq」が売れてます。なにやら製造が追いつかないような勢いだそうです。STORM ONにもほどなく入荷しますので、いま少しお待ちください。これはホントにありそうで無かった発想ですよね。ちょっとしたニッチを突いてくるところにNLPの柔軟性を感じます。


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