March 20, 2013

A girl's hair is her life

Her appearance was completed almost.
I will start the "hairstyle" of the most interesting part from now on. Yes, it's the climax! There is the idiom "A girl's hair is her life" in Japan. Once upon a time, this is because the Japanese woman needed to extend long hair in order to tie a "Nihongami (Japanese coiffure)". Therefore, I will make her hair hard. With this being said, actually I worry about the design of her hairstyle. ummmm...;-(
Do you have any pointers for her life?

いま見えている髪(生え際)はテクスチャに描いて処理したものなので実体は無い。さてさて、どんな髪型にするかな? 悩む悩む。

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