April 18, 2013

Another version

I created the version which is not covered with a hood. I corrected her expression a little.
Actually, I am in trouble very much now. It is about her kayak. Which kayak should I give her? Those choices are "Qaanaaq Transam-SS", "Qaanaaq Mosquito", and pure SOF. I would like to consider this difficult problem carefully. However, it is already in mid-April now. Ummmmm…


それにしても困った。彼女のためにQaanaaq Transam-SSを作ろうと思ったが、やはり女性にはちょい大きいかもしれない。うーむ…Mosquitoか。分割タイプもリリース間近かだし。いっそのことスキンカヤックにするという選択肢もあり。しばらく悩みたいところだが、すでに4月半ば(汗)。

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