January 18, 2014

A New Start

Hi guys,
I was taken care of last year, I hope the new year finds you in excellent spirit!
I resigned from the President of QJ. It is expiration of the term. The next President is Mr. Uozumi. He is very gentlemanly and eager for research about all Qajaq's fields. I do not have any worries and entrusted the presidential chair to him. Please support Mr. Uozumi.
Then, I could concentrate on this "STORM ON" from now on. The traditional hunting culture of Greenland, i.e., the Qajaq, has the various information. They are distributed here and there. I would like to cover those information if possible at this site. However, the final purpose is to link with the friends in the world who loving Qajaq. In many cases, I will want your cooperation. Therefore, please join STORM ON. 

Eiichi ;-)

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  1. If you can read Japanese, please check this site too!