May 18, 2012

About 30%

I am analyzing visitors using Google Analytics. I can acquire information, including a "country", a "time zone", "the kind of browser", etc., by it. There is also an analysis result about "OS" in them. The above-mentioned image is the information about OS of "one day." You'll notice that there are about 30 percent of Mac-OS. That is, 30% of them cannot be enjoying the FLASH animation in this website. It's a tragedy for me! I would like to also provide them with the benefit of FLASH animation. Therefore, I am studying the method of carrying out the export of the Flash to Java now. Please wait for a while.

Google Analyticsを使って、毎日アクセス状況を解析しています。どんな国からどんな時間帯に…等々、結構痒いところに手が届くような調査が可能です。そんな中にOS別の解析結果もあるわけで、画像は「ある日」の状況。割合的には大体こんな感じですね。

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