May 5, 2012

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for joining to STORM ON.
My website has not passed for one month yet, after being released. However, many friends visited here and offered nice videos. I can't thank you enough!
The targets of my beginning were 1000 visitors in one month. Now, they are 1259 persons. I analyzed this result by Google Analytics. It was not only domestic access. There were accesses from many of overseas' friends. Thanks a lot!!!!!

I will continue efforts about information dissemination for stormtroopers. 
Please keep in touch and thanks again!

当初、一ヶ月で1000カウントを目標にしていたのですが、それを大きく上回る数字に当人も驚いています(笑)。今日現在で1259カウント! Google Analyticsで解析結果を観察してみると、国内のみならず広く海外からのアクセスも少なくありません。むしろ国内よりも多いぐらい…。しかし、この結果に驕ることなく地道に「Qajaqで世界を繋ぐ」ために精進を重ねようと思います。

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