February 3, 2013


This is the stern piece of a folding kayak. The silhouette is just the Greenland kayak. Nikola living in Serbia made this as a prototype. He is advancing preparation which promotes a kayak manufacturer in his country. The name is "NARVAL KAYAK." "NARVAL KAYAK" means a unicorn whale (Narwhal) in Serbian. I will  deal with his kayak in "STORM ON" and will inform the details and cost later. Don't miss it!

帰国後、メーカーを立ち上げる準備をしているそうです。屋号は「NARVAL KAYAK」。NARVALはセルビア語でイッカククジラを意味します。
STORM ONではこのフォールディングGを取り扱う予定です。スペックや価格については追ってご案内しますので、お楽しみに。

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