March 12, 2014

Tatar region travelogue

Do you know what Tatarskii Proliv in Sakhalin was discovered for by Japanese people in 1809? His name is Rinzo Mamiya. He was a shogun's retainer living at the Edo period. I am interested in his achievement and would like to experience the scene which he looked at, and the felt thing.
As a starter, I got the replica of the map of Sakhalin which he drew from the National Archives. It was very elaborate and completely did not bore me. And I obtained "Tatar region travelogue" the other day. It is a modern language translation of the report which he submitted to the Edo Shogunate. I would like to become on intimate with kayakers in Sakhalin (Russia) taking advantage of this. Then, the Greenland style may spread also in Russia. ;-)

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