April 20, 2014

Withdrawal symptoms

I have had patience for "STORM ON" since establishment. The withdrawal symptoms are likely to begin to riot soon. That is "use of FLASH." FLASH may not be suitable for the website which many people peruse in that flexibility is missing.

However, I love animation.

FLASH has been used for most of many websites which I had made in the past. When I worked out a detailed plan of "STORM ON", I took into consideration the user of a smart phone or a tablet PC. Now, their citizenship is serious. However, the FLASH does not operate in those devices. I excepted the element from contents inevitably. There are contents which can be expressed only by an "interactive function." Should I ignore them forever?
It is foolish. I could not exceed this limit. I'll remove a ban on "forbidden FLASH." ;-)
"STORM ON" will take a new twist by FLASH, when rushing in in third year. 

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